Maven Leadership Collective believes that wellness is a vital resource for queer and trans people of color who are reclaiming resilience through self-care, peer support, and collective wellness activities that model sustainable solutions to mitigate social determinants of health, which contribute to trauma recovery, and growing health disparities in our community. Our programs include: 

Maven Moves

Maven Moves is a free community yoga series for all levels. We create a lively, welcoming experience that celebrates all bodies and identities. Class participants are soothed and entertained by live musicians from various musical genres.

Maven Vibes

Maven Vibes is an inclusive healing sound meditation that invites participants to pause from their daily demands. Sessions are led by certified healers who use various techniques like gong, tuning forks, bowls and various other instruments to help participants achieve the deep relaxation benefits of sound vibrations therapy. All experience levels are welcome.

We invite you to join our community of wellness instructors by submitting your information in the form below. All wellness instructors are independent contractors. 

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